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Security Stack Sheet October 2022

News – the OpenSSL vulnerability that everyone will talk about! – [Ben] Dr Ian Levy, who is probably the most influential cyber security person you’ve never heard of, is leaving the UK National Cyber Security Centre. I thought many of you might find his parting blog interesting and it speaks to many of the things we are trying to achieve at Sage – its very long so should probably be in the Book Club thread!

[Prash] – DEFCON VR Security meet-up [Javan] – First the sabotage of Nord Stream 1&2 pipes, then the sabotage of the fiber cable for German train system, now the sabotage of subsea cables. [Sam H] Cool! [Meer] Zoom! has more security issues [Sam H] [Sam H] – Cloudflare’s hardware key

 [Dave] – [Luc] My new privacy peg. 

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